Journal Sociologija

Journal Sociologija is scientific journal in which theoretical, empirical and methodological papers in the fields of Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology are published.

It is published since 1959 by the Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro and the Institute for Sociological Research of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Papers are published in Serbian and English after independent peer review process.

Journal details

ISSN : 0038-0318

Publisher : Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro

Frequency : quarterly

Starting year : 1959

Editor : Slobodan Cvejić

Journal category : Čika Ljubina 18-20, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

JBR Impact Factor 5 : PK24

CrossRef/DOI : 0,580

UDK : doiSerbia

Last issue


Critique Potential of Common Sense in Goffman's Frame Analysis

Srđan Prodanović, pp: 139-155

On the Application of Gaston Bachelar''s Philosophy of Science and Epistemology to the Problem of Understanding in History of Sociology

Dejan Petrović, pp: 156-172

Employers and the System of Technical Education: In Search of Optimal Interaction

Anatoly Merenkov, Olga Artem, pp: 173-188

Medical Students, Beneficiaries of the State Scholarships of the Republic of Serbia, and Their Education in the 21st Century: The Possibility of Improvement

Nena A. Vasojević, Mirko Filipović, pp: 189-205

Identity in Social Constructionism: A Review

Đorđe Milivojević, pp: 206-221

'Sociologist as Voyeur': Genealogical Problematization and Critical Interpretation of Dominant Discourse of Sociology of Sexuality

Branislav Filipović, pp: 222-244

Book reviews

Sreten Vujović (prir.), Zbornik Sociologija ruralnog razvoja.

Ksenija Petovar, pp: 245-247