Journal Sociologija

Journal Sociologija is scientific journal in which theoretical, empirical and methodological papers in the fields of Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology are published.

It is published since 1959 by the Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro and the Institute for Sociological Research of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Papers are published in Serbian and English after independent peer review process.

Journal details

ISSN : 0038-0318

Publisher : Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro

Frequency : quarterly

Starting year : 1959

Editor : Slobodan Cvejić

Journal category : Čika Ljubina 18-20, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

JBR Impact Factor 5 : PK24

CrossRef/DOI : 0,580

UDK : doiSerbia

Last issue


Protest Against Dictatorship and the Construction of Collective Identity

Ana Birešev, pp: 389-404

Connective Action as the New Pattern of Protest Activism

Jelisaveta Petrović, Dalibor Petrović, pp: 405-426

Emerging of Social Movement: Value Orientations of Particpants of the Protest Against Dictatorship

Vera Backović, Irena Petrović, pp: 427-451

Political Participation of the Participants in the Protests Against Dictatorship

Jelena Pešić, pp: 452-475

Articulation of Resistance in the Discourse of the 1996/97 Serbian Protests: Political Struggle through Culture and Symbolic Geography

Tamara Petrović Trifunović, pp: 476-496

Transnational Social Movements in the Internet Era: The Case of "Avaaz"

Mladen Stojadinović, pp: 497-517

Media Framing of Democratisation Conflicts in Egypt, Kenya, Serbia and South Africa

Nebojša Vladisavljević, Katrin Voltmer, pp: 518-537


On Aleksandra Đurić's text "Scripts in Sociology in Business" as a plagiarism of the book "The World of Labour in Transformation" (Bolčić, Silvano, 2003, Beograd: Plato)

Silvano Bolčić, pp: 538-546