Vol 62, 2020 - issue 1


Longitudinal Qualitative Research in Practice: Advantages, Problems and Solutions

Smiljka Tomanović, pp: 8-23

Biographical Method and Its Use in the Field of Migration Studies

Dunja Poleti Ćosić, pp: 24-41

Qualitative applied research in social interventions and public policy programs: the case of focus group interviews

Suzana Ignjatović, pp: 42-62

Reflexivity and the use of the in-depth interview as a research method for family practices based on research of socioeconomic strategies of action of families in Serbia

Nemanja Krstić, pp: 63-82

The Informative and the Performative in Semi-Structured Interviews: The Example of a Study of Territorial Capital in Serbia

Ivana Spasić, pp: 83-104

Performing qualitative content analysis

Željka Manić, pp: 105-123

Contribution of a Cognitive Interview to Assessing the Validity of Indicators and Data Quality in Quantitative research on the Example of Attitudes Toward Gays and Lesbians

Božidar Filipović, pp: 124-142

Book reviews

Book review: Julia Brannen, Social Research Matters: A Life in Family Sociology, Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2019. pp. 232.

Smiljka Tomanović, pp: 143-147


Qualitative Methods Applied

Smiljka Tomanović Ivana Spasić, pp: 6-7