Vol 61, 2019 - issue 5


Diaspora and Contemporary World - the Need to Change Study Approach

Milica Vesković Anđelković, pp: 655-675

Another Reading of Classical Concepts: Reactualization of the Simmel's Stranger and The Enemy on the Case of Contemporary Migration From the Middle East

Nataša Jovanović Ajzenhamer , pp: 676-696

Deconstruction of 'Scientifically Based Injustices': About Post-War Traumatized Populations of 'Spoilers' in Croatia

Sandra Cvikić, pp: 697-717

Curriculum and Labor Market: Comparative Analysis of the Curricular Outcomes of the Study Program in Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and the Required Competences in the Labor Market

Isidora Jarić, Miloš Đerić, pp: 718-741

Sociology Teaching Improvement Possibilities: Analysis of the Relation between Qualifications Frameworks at the Secondary and Tertiary Level of Education in Serbia

Jelena Ćeriman, Violeta Bogdanović Šutković , pp: 742-757

Successful Society and Applied Sociology

Silvano Bolčić, pp: 758-778

The Importance of Sociological Research Conducted in Serbia for The Development of Systemic Family Theory and Therapy

Milana Ljubičić, Slađana Dragišić Labaš, pp: 779-791


Editor's Foreword

Mina Petrović, pp: 653-653