Sociologija is a social science journal dedicated to studies in Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology.

Papers can focus on theoretical developments, new methodological approaches, as well as on empirical research.

Articles must be original, not previously published and not under simultaneous consideration for publication elsewhere, either in part or full.

Manuscripts are accepted in Serbian, English or other international language.

Manuscripts will be subject to anonymous peer review by at least two independent and specialist reviewers.

The Editor shall forward constructive comments to the author(s).

The journal publishes also book reviews, debates or other articles of scientific and professional interest.

Submission of articles

Only online submitted articles will be accepted.

The paper should be submitted on the submission page.

In order to submit article you should register.

During registration authors should use their e-mail address as user name, as we will contact your through this address.

You should define also password which will be hidden from any administrator.

Paper should be submitted only in word format (.doc or .docx).

Naslovna strana

On the first (title) page in the left upper corner should be written name(s), main professional/academic affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es), of authors.

In the middle of the page should be written title in English, or if article is written in other international language in that language and English.

No other information should be included in the first page, as it should be easily removed for review procedure.

On second page again title in original language should be written and then abstracts and key words in original language and English if the original language is different.

Please ensure that your name does not appear anywhere on the manuscript itself to facilitate the blind refereeing.

Manuscript format and volume

Manuscript should be submitted in Latin alphabet.

Page format A4 (210X297 mm), font size 11, and line spacing double throughout.

Recommended font Times New Roman.

Length of papers should be between 4000 and 9000 words (maximum 25 pages).

Graphs and tables are counted as 250 words (1/2 page) or 500 words (full page).

Book reviews should not exceed 8 pages.

Abstract and key words

Abstract (around 200 words) should describe the aims, methods, findings and conclusions.

Key words (up to 6) should be key notions from the article.

If paper is not in English, both, abstract and key words should be written in original language and English.


Subheadings bellow level 3 are not recommended.

The level of subheadings should be precisely defined.

Book review

On the title page, bellow the title, following data about the reviewed book should be quoted:


Acknowledgments, if any, should be written after the paper, before references.


Footnotes instead of endnotes should be used, but not to excessively.


At the end of citation in the brackets write last name of author(s), publishing year and number of page.

Reference list

After the article provide full list of references.

References should be listed in alphabetical order.

Book: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title in italic, place of publishing and publisher.

Article in the book: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title, in, last and first name of editor(s), acronym for editors (in brackets), title of book in italic, place of publishing and publisher.

Article in journal: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title of article, title of journal in italic, number of issue, number of first and last page of the article.